Mimosa du Var

Special offers on accommodation .

The Var offers a selection of the best accommodation deals from our partners. Whether you're in search of the sea, the outdoors, well-being, romance or the art of living, you will find something that suits you!
Family Hiking in the Gorges du Blavet

Next to the Mediterranean, on the French Riviera, the Var is the place for travel and exploration .

Our partners, who are Var tourism professionals, guarantee high-quality accommodation and activities throughout the year, for a luxury holiday!

6 themed holidays to suit all preferences: culture, sea, nature, land and events

Tourrettes le village perché

Advantages and guarantees of the products offered by our partners:

  • A large range of products: themed holidays for individuals and groups
  • Suitable offers provided by our partners, all tourism professionals
  • A personal contract with a Var specialist as your point of contact
  • Excellent customer service

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Legal information

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