The Var, a land of culture

Contemporary art: an unexpected Var

The Var has always attracted renowned artists and architects. Their vision allows us to discover the Var in a different way, magnified through pictorial works , monumental sculptures, refinedarchitecture ..

Numerous events are organised throughout the year. This is an opportunity to discover the wealth of contemporary art on offer in the Var: museums and art centres, remarkable contemporary architecture, dedicated tours, etc.

Culture : Villa Noailles - Hyères

Museums and art centres

The Var has over 100 museums and art centres.

Museums of art, history, natural history, the navy and popular traditions, as well as unusual museums...

Discover the not-to-be-missed sites, as well as more confidential exhibition venues. Soak up these testimonies to the past and present, which form the DNA of our department.

Culture : Musée de la Citadelle - Saint-Tropez

Sites and monuments

Buildings that tell the story of the Var

Abbeys, castles, chapels, resolutely modern or totally unusual buildings...these walls have an incredible history, which is fascinating to listen to and see .To make the most ofthese wonderful testimonies.

Our suggestion: take the monastery route, which will take you in the footsteps of the Cistercian monks and the Templars.

See the sites and monuments to visit in the Var

When the forts open their doors...

It'simpossible to separate the history of our département from its military heritage! Strategically located along our coastline, the forts were the first bulwarks against assaults from the sea. Today, these solemn witnesses to centuries gone by open their doors toshowcase almost 700 years of history.

Numerous museums and memorials also evoke the memory of past conflicts and the conquest of new territories.

Discover the castles of the Var...

The Var is home to a multitude of châteaux, inviting you to discover a heritage imbued with grandeur and elegance.

See Var castles

Culture : Abbaye de la Celle

Performing arts

Throughout the year, a wide range of shows and programmes are on offer in theatres and outdoors . There arealso plenty of festivals to delight music lovers - whether baroque, jazzy or electronic - as well as lovers of theatre, manga, comics, street art and even laughter... in short, there's something for everyone!

Artists and craftspeople

Their expertise is unique, and their reputation is recognised far beyond the borders of the Var, some of them throughout the world. While they are guardians of the oldest traditions, they also know how to immerse themselves in modern culture with boundless imagination. Push open the doors of these creators of emotion and discover exceptional pieces made by enthusiasts with golden hands.

Our suggestion: Take a stroll around the towns offering art tours, whether they have the Ville et Métiers d'Art or Villes et pays d'art et d'histoire label, such as Ollioules, Fréjus or Hyères.

Artisanat d'art a Seillans

Parks and gardens

In the Var, art can be found where you least expect it. From the remarkable gardens that reveal the art of landscaping to the monumental works of art that can be discovered in the middle of the vineyards, let yourself be surprised by these spaces where man and nature are one. Savour moments of fulfilment in these unique places, somewhere between dream and reality.

Le couloir des cistes

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