Le Var, La Semaine Nature

On foot, by bike, on horseback and in the water!

For 7 days, take part in Nature Week and discover the beauty of the countryside through guided themed walks, available throughout the Var.

Whether you're young or old, an enthusiast or a sports fan, a family or a group of friends, come and join us for this unseasonal event.

4 themed walks :

  • Natural heritage
  • Cultural heritage
  • Local produce
  • Sports and well-being

Hiking in the Var: trails for all types of walkers

There are a thousand and one ways to discover the Var on foot: hiking in the Maures Massif, the Estérel Massif, the Verdon Regional Nature Park... Whether you're looking for a sporty hike or a family outing, the Var invites you to explore its trails anddiscover its natural and cultural heritage. There are 800 kilometres of GR® (Grande Randonnée) footpaths, several hundred kilometres of PR® (Promenade et Petite Randonnée)footpaths , and over 200 kilometres of Sentier du Littoral (coastal footpaths)... so there's plenty more walking to do! See all hiking itineraries

All year round, nature in the Var has something for everyone: pine trees, oaks, mimosas, red earth and vineyards....

Randonnée avec vue panoramique dans le Var

Walking by the sea in the Var

One of the most beautiful walks in the Var is a coastal walk by the sea!A large part of the Var coastline (islands and mainland) is accessible via the coastal path (sentier du littoral). Along the way, discover unspoilt nature and enjoy the view, the scents of iodine and pine trees!

While all the local authorities are making great efforts to improve the paths, winter storms can sometimes damage certain stretches. Before you set off in the footsteps of the old customs officers, always check with the relevant Tourist Office that the path is open and passable.

See sections of the coastal path

Randonnée dans le Var avec vue sur la mer

Coastal lunging

To practise this activity, all you need to do is identify beaches with gently sloping seabeds and no "shore breack" or roll, which allow you to walk in the water along the coastline over long distances.

This discipline was born in 2005 on the beaches of northern France. It's a new form of walking, called aquatic walking, and it's gaining a lot of followers.

The idea is to walk in the sea in waist-deep water. Precise technical movements provide structure and are ideal for physical maintenance.

Depending on the pace you choose, this activity can evolve from a simple leisure activity to a real sporting activity. But it will always be gentle on your body!

A number of beaches in the Var are ideal for this type of activity. A number of walking clubs have specialised in offering water-based walks in the Var all year round.

In 2021, Hyères will host the French Longe-Côte championships, proof, if any were needed, that the Var is a top destination for longe-côte!

The road to Santiago de Compostela

The 138-kilometre Var route is one of the most beautiful walks in the Var. It follows the route of the ancient Roman road, the Via Aurelia, and crosses the major mountain ranges of the Var: the Estérel, the Maures and the Sainte-Baume.

Whether you're a pilgrim or just a hiker, you should know that while the Var stages of the Pilgrim's Way to Santiago de Compostela and Rome are not yet very well known, they are no less beautiful! As you travel along this route, you'll be surprised at every turn:

  • You'll be walking through 2000 years of Var history,
  • You'll discover an exceptional architectural heritage
  • Fréjus, the Abbaye du Thoronet and Saint-Maximin, the 3rd tomb of Christianity,
  • You'll marvel at the splendid landscapes.

The GR®653A, which runs from Menton to Arles through the Var, is an official part of the 'Chemins de Grande Randonnée de Saint Jacques' in France, several sections of which are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is also a section of the European E12 "Mediterranean Arc" trail, which crosses Italy, France, Spain and Morocco along the Mediterranean.

Grotte de Marie Madeleine dans le Var

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