Street in Bormes les Mimosas

The most beautiful villages .

Between Provence and the French Riviera, the Var contains beautiful, authentic Provençal villages. Whether they are on the hillside, perched on a rocky outcrop, huddled against a cliff or tucked away amongst the vineyards and olive groves, the villages of the Var exude charm and easy living. Let us guide you as you explore the most beautiful villages that the Var has to offer!

The must-see .

Traditional villages .

You will fall in love with many more of our villages: whether they proudly bear the label ‘Plus Beaux Villages de France’, or the more modest ‘Villages de Caractère du Var’, they recount the history of the Var. From narrow alleyways to picturesque streets, from finely wrought belfries to gurgling fountains, in the shadow of their castles or surrounded by ramparts, they provide unforgettable visits and walks that step outside of time…

In total, the Var contains at least 14 ‘Villages de Caractère du Var’ and 4 ‘Plus Beaux Villages de France’.

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