Bormes, a village steeped in history

Bormes is also a village steeped in history, with picturesquely-named streets and lanes (Rompi-Cuou, Venelle des Amoureux, Plaine des Anes, etc.) at the foot of its feudal castle.

You'll discover the remains of ramparts, carved porches, posterns and numerous cuberts (covered passageways). Don't miss the guided tour of the old village and the botanical tours!


The coastal path

The coastal path is an unmissable walk. Large wine-growing estates, clustered around their châteaux, line a rocky coastline that is still unspoilt, interspersed with fine sandy beaches (Pellegrin, L'Estagnol, Cabasson, Brégançon). In the distance, built on an islet and now linked to the mainland by a dyke, the fort of Brégançon, former residence of the Presidents of the Republic, watches over this little piece of paradise.

Fort de Brégançon

Built on a rocky outcrop, the Brégançon fort offers uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean Sea.
Built in Merovingian times, it has had many occupants before becoming state property during the Revolution. In 1968, General de Gaulle made it an "official residence of the President of the Republic". President François Hollande decided to open it to the public in 2012. The monument houses many gifts received by the heads of state of the Fifth Republic.
Open to visitors during the summer, your guide will show you around the ground floor rooms, lounges, dining room, meeting room and the President's office, as well as the gardens and the parapet walk!

Fort de Brégançon

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