In the Verdon Gorges

Verdon Gorges .

Welcome to the Verdon Regional Natural Parc, whose Grand Canyon is a unique site in France. Here, nature is in charge, offering fantastic countryside and a riot of activities in a stunning and pristine environment.
Patrimoine naturel : le Verdon

The Verdon Gorges - unique in France .

In the heart of the Verdon Regional Natural Park, this enormous canyon forms a huge gash that seems to have been created by gods. It is the result of the incredible power of erosion of the Verdon onto the limestone plateaus of Provence.

Its exceptional depth (up to 700m!) and geographical situation, with both Alpine and Mediterranean climatic influences, have created the perfect conditions for a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna. A wild and exuberant nature, magnificent discoveries and breath-taking views await the visitor…

The canyon can generally be explored by canoe or pedalo, or on foot. It can also be admired from the road by taking the sublime cliff road, which offers stunning viewpoints, such as the Cavaliers cliffs or even the Balcons de la Mescla.

Gorges du Verdon : Randonnée avec vue panoramique

A region with many landscapes .

Although known for its magnificent gorges, the Verdon has much more to offer. Upstream from the gorges is the Artuby country, and its unexpected pre-Alpine landscapes in the Var. It’s a land of livestock pastures and forests, with the Artuby running through, flowing into the Verdon at the Artuby bridge.

As you leave the canyon, the huge Sainte-Croix lake is particularly recognisable for its turquoise waters. It is the perfect place for sunbathing, swimming and water sports.

Downstream from the lake, the low gorges, less deep and much calmer, also offer beautiful countryside, especially the little lakes of Quinson, Esparron and Artignosc.

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Comps sur Arturby dans le Var

Verdon Regional Natural Park .

Beyond the protected site of the gorges, Verdon is an area of remarkable heritage, with many riches to preserve, promote and reveal to visitors, including unspoiled landscapes, built heritage and Human ingenuity.

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Balade à cheval autour des Gorges du Verdon

Activities .

A wild territory with magnificent landscapes, the Verdon is a fantastic playground. From gentle, relaxing activities to thrilling experiences, nature lovers will be able to move to their heart’s content.

See the Verdon in 3D:

  • By land: hiking trails, nature trails, mountain biking or horse-riding
  • By water: pedalo, canoes, electric boats, rafts, riverboarding and canyoning
  • In the air: paragliding, ultralight aviation, bungee jumping from Artuby bridge, and more…

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Humans - from pre-history to hilltop villages .

With its fish-filled waters and caves carved into the limestone, the banks of the Verdon have been inhabited by Humans since the dawn of pre-history. Over the centuries and millennia, Humans have lived here, cultivated the land, built villages and castles, and shaped the landscape.

Today, the sentinel villages are the guardians of this wonderful site.

To see: Aiguines and its castle, Aups and Bargème – ‘Villages de Caractère’, the Templar chapel of Comps-sur-Artuby, Trigance Castle, the windmills of Régusse, Artuby bridge, and the history of the Salles-sur-Verdon – a submerged village.

At Quinson, le Musée de Préhistoire des Gorges du Verdon will thrill curious minds.

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Recherche de la truffe

Land and local knowledge .

Le Haut Var Verdon is the best place to find the delicious black truffle. There are various truffle growers here, and Aups, considered to be the capital of truffles, is proudly home to the ‘Maison de la Truffe’, as well as the truffle market during the harvest season. More information on truffles in the Var. A Regional Natural Park, the Verdon is an area whose rich biodiversity provides high-quality delicious honey. Livestock-rearing and farming in general are very important here.

Here, as in other parts of Provence, the residents of the Verdon have developed their own local knowledge depending on the resources at their disposition: woodworking and stone-masonry, basket weaving, livestock products… Explore the museum of wood-turners in Aiguines, craftspeople (ceramics, pottery, sculpture and basket weaving), producers of goats cheese, saffron and olive oil…

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