A charming hotel in the Var

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Stay for a night or longer in one of our hotels, with a wide variety of services, allowing you to have a relaxed break: ask, and it will be given to you.
Hotel avec piscine à la Seyne sur Mer

In the Var, there is a hotel for everyone .

A farmhouse with whitewashed walls, a luxury hotel, a medieval castle…

Wherever you are, right on the beach or further inland, in the depths of the oak and chestnut forests, on the banks of rivers and lakes or in the heart of towns and villages, you are always assured of a warm welcome.

The hotels are generally classed from 1 – 5 stars, and the Var has many 5-star hotels. Some un-classified hotels are remarkable in their character or originality.

Qualité Tourisme

'Qualité Tourisme' - an external vote of confidence .


Professionals with ‘Qualité Tourisme™’ certification guarantee you excellent customer service and facilities.
Our single aim is your satisfaction. 
The professionals are examined by independent offices, so you can have complete confidence.

The 6 main criteria for customer satisfaction:

  • a personal welcome
  • prioritising local resources
  • comfort
  • information and communication
  • cleanliness
  • qualified staff


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