A guest room in Besse sur Issole

Guestrooms .

Have breakfast by the pool, discuss the area and local traditions, get some recommendations for buying delicious produce, bathe in little inlets, explore the markets... your host can provide all this and more!
Une chambre d'hôtes dans le Var

‘Chambre d’hôte’ (guestroom) accommodation is highly sought-after and allows you to meet the locals, whether they are Var from birth or in their heart! Welcome to friendliness, authenticity, sociability and sharing.

Whether you prefer tradition or the unexpected, our guestrooms in the Var will meet all of your expectations. Sleep in a treehouse, an old Provençal building amongst the vines, a room on the beach… or even a vintage bus! Book today, and settle in with us!

Qualité Tourisme

Qualité Tourisme - an external vote of confidence .

Professionals with ‘Qualité Tourisme™’ certification guarantee you excellent customer service and facilities.
Our single aim is your satisfaction. 
The professionals are examined by independent offices, so you can have complete confidence.

The 6 main criteria for customer satisfaction:

  • a personal welcome
  • prioritising local resources
  • comfort
  • information and communication
  • cleanliness
  • qualified staff

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