Fréjus Cathedral

Fréjus Cathedral cloister and its menagerie of fantastic animals .

The Fréjus Episcopal Group includes a cathedral, baptistery, a former episcopal palace and a 2-story cloister, which make up a harmonious architectural ensemble. It was largely built between the 11th and 13th centuries, with the exception of the baptistery, which dates from the 5th century.
Cloître à Fréjus

The lower gallery of the cloister is covered by a coffered wooden ceiling dating from the 14th century. These paintings depict scenes from daily life, religious imagery and a remarkable menagerie of fantastic animals and hybrid beings. The richness of these paintings is unique in Provence.

Le baptistère

The 5th-century octagonal baptistery, with 8 reused classical columns, still has a basin for immersion baptisms. It is the oldest baptistery in France after Poitiers.

Façade de la cathédrale

The magnificent entrance to the Cathedral is made of two walnut panels dating from the Renaissance era, whose sculptural riches depict scenes from the life of the Virgin and portraits.