The Gendarmerie and Cinema Museum in Saint Tropez

The Gendarmerie and Cinema Museum in Saint Tropez .

Located in the former police station in Saint Tropez, made famous by the police films by Louis de Funès that were shot here, this museum has 2 routes - one dedicated to the real history of this police station, and one to the history of cinema in Saint Tropez.
Intérieur du Musée de la Gendarmerie et du Cinéma

Between myth and nostalgia: .

Many surprises await in this museum, each one as fun as the last! Visitors can see a replica of a 1960s-era police office, and enter a retro cinema entirely dedicated to the history of the Gendarmes, go along the Nationale 7 (the famous holiday route!) riding shotgun in a 2 CV and Simca Aronde, party in St-Tropez, meet Romy Schneider and Brigitte Bardot in their digs during filming for ‘And God created woman’ (1956) and ‘The Swimming Pool’ (1968)…