Maison de la Céramique

Terra Rossa, the history of an industry that has adapted over the centuries .

This former factory has been re-designed in a modern style by the architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte and transformed into a museum dedicated to architectural ceramics. Along the introductory tour, don't miss the famous 'tomette' floor tiles!
Intérieur de la Maison de la Céramique Architecturale

The visit to the museum begins with an archaeological exhibition that presents 7000 years of the ceramic industry in Salernes. It continues with restored 20th-century-era production lines, when Salernes exported its famous floor tiles across the world.

Next, discover an exceptional collection of over 2000 decorated squares from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, creating a colourful and picturesque world that brings together a range of themes.

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Terra Rossa

The Museum also contains modern tile production by local manufacturers: their skills have adapted to the modern era, and are now sought-after by the biggest names in architecture and design. New product lines play with texture, shape and colour.