National Maritime Museum

National Navy Museum - Toulon's dockyard history .

Between the land and sea, this fascinating port is where dreams of setting sail come true! Learn more about the port of Toulon's military role, the creation of its dockyard in the 17th century and its development over the centuries into the biggest naval base in the Mediterranean basin.
Intérieur du Musée National de la Marine

Paying tribute to Toulon’s dockyard, of which the majestic monumental gate (1738) remains, the Museum gives an educational and interesting account of a human and technical history inherited from skills of dockers from the second half of the 17th century.

Don’t miss: a space dedicated to rope-making, built according to designs by Vauban, large construction models (250 years old), representations of the bow and decorations of the poop deck, often the last remains of ships of the period, a model of the extraordinary Dauphine galley, the space dedicated to the penal colony of Toulon, the scuttling of the fleet in November 1942 and the modern Navy made up of submarines and aircraft carriers.