Museum of the 'Gueules Rouges' in Tourves

Museum of the 'Gueules rouges' - remembering the bauxite mines in the Var .

This Museum explores the history of bauxite mining in the Var. It also tells the story of these men who worked in terrible conditions and came home covered in red dust, hence their nick-name 'gueules rouges' (red mouths)
Intérieur du Musée des Gueules Rouges

This museum of science and technology displays the geological origins of bauxite and the industrial processes to transform it from ore into aluminium oxide, then aluminium. Finally, it highlights the various industries that use this metal (transport, architecture, design, sport) through an innovative presentation of aluminium objects. Wandering through the exhibition halls, you will learn all the secrets of bauxite and aluminium!