Entrée du Musée des troupes de marine

Museum of Navy Troups, a human adventure .

The history of the Colonial and Marine Troops, from Richelieu to the present day; the story above all of a human adventure. To illustrate, collections, very diverse, as well as archives and iconographic documents.
Intérieur du Musée des troupes de marine

The museum .

It traces the long history of the colonial and naval troops of 4 centuries of 1622 under the cardinal of RICHELIEU, Minister of King Louis XIII, to our days is illustrated here as well by very divers muzzle goods, as by archives, maps or iconographic documents. The Marine Troops Museum is fundamentally a museum of history, art and military traditions, but also of human adventure, which is intended for both the general public and the military public. The museum’s collections consist of uniforms, weapons, hairstyles, insignia, decorations, posters, drawings, paintings, photographic documents, archive documents, souvenirs of illustrious or less famous people.

It is also a memorial. The crypt of the museum is a place of recollection and tribute to the memory of the soldiers colonial troops and navy troops died for France.


Vue de l'intérieur du Musée des troupes de marine

The major pieces .

The collections of the museum have been considerably enriched since the opening of the museum thanks to the donations of individuals and the association of the friends of the museum of marine troops. Some major pieces deserve the attention of the public: a powder gun of the Marine regiment created by Cardinal RICHELIEU, a rifle of Senegalese tirailleurs model 1861, the rooster of the church Bazeilles recovered after the destruction of the building at during the fighting of August 1870, a Lefebvre car of General Gallieni when he was governor in Madagascar, the office of General Gallieni in Tonkin in 1895, the relics of the French flag having floated at Fachoda in 1898 and brought back to France by Commander Marchand , the outfit and many other objects of General Mangin, author of La Force Noire in 1910 and many more.

Musée des troupes de marine

History of the museum .

The museum is first collections collected at the initiative of General de Lattre de Tassigny. In March 1945, he ordered colonial troops to set up a museum to collect and preserve collections illustrating the memory of the native troops who played an important role in the liberation of France.
After many moves, in 1978 the General Chief of Staff of the army decided to create a museum on Fréjus, to present the heritage collections of the navy troops. Built in 1979, the new museum was inaugurated on October 2, 1981.
The Museum of the Troops of Navy is one of the 17 museums of the Army. It has been labeled “Museum of France” since 2006.