Discovering Var crafts - Chapeaux in Bormes les Mimosas

Art, crafts and workshop visits .

Between tradition and creativity, Provence and the French Riviera, craftsmen are opening the doors to their workshops, mills and factories to show you their work, products and skills. Learn production secrets and let yourself by tempted by 'made in Var' crafts.
Fabrique de nougat

The confectioners, nougat-makers, soap-makers, olive growers, wine growers and fish farmers in the Var are passionate about their work, and organise guided tours of their businesses. These enterprises all possess the ‘Qualité Toursisme’ label, as a mark of their excellent work and customer service. Also, don’t hesitate to meet these men and women, who would be delighted to share their passion with you!

Vitrail d'Art

‘Découverte des Métiers d’Art’ is a Var certification created to celebrate craftspeople by offering guided tours throughout the year of their workshops, or offering workshops or courses to share their knowledge, tips and passion.


Ceramics .

The Var has a strong ceramic tradition forged over the centuries. Various villages (Brue-Auriac, Saint-Zacharie, Villecroze, Barjols, Varages, Salernes…) are specialists in the production of famous ceramics. In the 19th century, when this art was at its zenith, the Var rivalled Italy in the quality of its productions and decorations: briquettes, tiles, floor tiles and dishes… Even today, at the beginning of the 21st century, Salernes and Varages fly the flag for the Var in ceramics.

Ceramics in Terra Rossa Museum in Salernes
Musique Jazz

Reeds .

Giant cane (‘canne de Provence’), found along the Mediterranean basin, is often considered to be an invasive species, only good for making reeds to mark territory boundaries, serve as windbreakers, shelter from the sun and make baskets. However, in the Var, it is celebrated for being the material used to make the reeds of wind instruments.

All reed-makers have their workshops in the Var next to the reed beds! With workshops in Hyères, Cogolin and Ollioules, they export across the world: the biggest names in jazz swear by ‘Var reeds’ and make them sing across the globe!