Diving on the Togo on the coast of Cavalaire

Diving .

Enjoy some incredible dives in the Var, with world-famous diving sites, diverse sea beds, unspoiled flora and fauna, excellent underwater visibility and an air and water temperature mild enough to dive all year round.
Plongée dans le Var : Chapon

A wide range of diving areas .

The underwater landscape offers a wide range of shallows, drops and shipwrecks at different depths. You can dive all year round in 3 areas:

  • The Embiez and Cap Sicié,
  • Hyères Island with the Port-Cros National Park
  • Cavalaire bay, Saint-Raphaël and Cap Dramont. 

it’s a diver’s paradise…

Plongée sur la Ville de Grasse dans le Var

Over 100 different dives .

A variety of diving locations, suitable for different abilities, will allow you to discover the landscape, flora, fauna and shipwrecks.

Swimming amongst the groupers, drops, conger eels and coral, there are many beauties to discover in the silent world in the shallows and drops: the 3 ovens, the Deux Frères, Escampobariou point, la Gabinière, la Grande Quairolle, la Cathédrale, la Roche Rousso and Sardinaux.

As for shipwrecks, a must-see for level 2 and 3 divers are the aeroplanes and boats, with a few gems, such as the P38 Lightning, le Tromblon, l’Arroyo, le Donator, le Grec, le Spahis, le Prophète, le Togo, le Rubis…

From the surface to the watery depths, all abilities will find something to suit their yearning for the sea…and colour.

Sentier sous-marin de Port Cros dans le Var

Diving without a bottle! .

Scuba-diving trips, ‘flippered’ excursions, underwater trails… from the surface, discover the richness of the underwater world and the different ecosystems of the Mediterranean sea. With just flippers, a mask and a snorkel, these activities largely take place in shallow water. Whether on a ‘flippered’ outing or excursion, you can either be accompanied by a professional instructor, or venture into the world of Nemo by yourself.

The same is true of the underwater paths, which can be attempted alone thanks to the explanatory buoys and brochures on site, or on an organised outing.

Banc d'anthias - Var

Diving festivals in the Var .

Films, lectures, cocktail evenings, diving initiations, exploratory diving, ‘flippered’ excursions, film competitions with on-board cameras… Every year, diving festivals organise activities related to underwater diving, suitable for all abilities!

September + October: the Var Diving Festival Festival organises programmes in the villages that have a diving centre
March: Galathéa Festival in Hyères

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