Paysage de Seillans

Seillans - a charming Provençal hilltop village .

Certified as one of the 'Most Beautiful Villages in France', Seillans is a particularly charming village that has kept the soul of the Provençal hilltop villages. Its terraced houses, inconceivably interlaced with cobbled streets, shaded squares, craftspeople and artists make it a charming place to visit.

Enchanted by this village, Max Ernst and his wife, Dorothéa Tanning, spent the last years of their lives here. The creator of the strange Loplop bird found his ‘planet’ here. A museum commemorates their work.


Chapelle Notre Dame de l'Ormeau

The Chapel of Notre Dame de l’Ormeau is another must-see. Tucked away in leafy surroundings, this 12th-century chapel contains many treasures: a Roman cippus, a piece of an early Christian chancel, a sculpted 17th-century chair, votive offerings, a statue of Our Lady, a splendid 16th-century Baroque altarpiece in painted wood, whose central panel, sculpted from a single tree trunk, depicts the family tree of the Virgin Mary.