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The Var is a land of agriculture, and many producers cultivate its fertile soils. Many sell their produce directly from their farms or at local farmers' markets. The Var produces a wide variety of agricultural products, from wine and cheese to flowers and olive oil.

These renowned local products are an integral part of the Var's identity and are celebrated with dignity throughout the year: the truffle festival and truffle markets, chestnut festivals, chickpea festival and fig festival.

The region's terroir is also honoured by a number of restaurateurs who have chosen to showcase local producers by sourcing their produce directly from them and serving delicious dishes with typically Provençal scents and flavours. The Var and its terroir are a timeless love story.

We're hearing a lot about it at the moment: give preference to short circuits and support local producers by buying from them, at farmers' markets or by going to restaurants that work with their produce!

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Local produce from the Var

Far from the tourist image of the coast, the Var is an agricultural department with many small farms. The diversity of its soils and the richness of its terroir have led to the development of a number of sectors and a multitude of local products .

Among the mostimportant regional products, where the Var is one of the leading national producers, are wine of course (with rosé in particular), as well as olive oilproducers, but also fig and honey producers, as well as the châtaigne andtruffle producers , and cut flowers ( mimosa, Vacherot orchids, and many other varieties). Aspart of its commitment to respecting the environment, many of the region's producers are certified Organic Farmers, offering organic produce from the Var.

You canbuy local producedirect from the producer .The Var is also home to a number of livestock farmers, producing delicious cheeses, saffron (mainly in the Dracénie and Verdon regions), spirulina, fruit and vegetables, and Provençal cane used to make reeds that are exported all over the world.

Orchidées rouges

The markets

Traditionally warm, varied, colourful and friendly, they bring together the best local produce straight from the farm or the craftsman's workshop. They are a showcase for the traditional know-how of each "country", and the richness and diversity of its produce. They are the worthy representatives of the regional products of the Var, so sought-after by discerning consumers.

These producers have signed up to a charter of good practice, guaranteeing consumers farmhouse quality produce, seasonal produce, quality production and processing practices, and transparency in farming practices.

At these small markets, you can talk directly to the producer while discovering quality products. Markets all year round: Toulon and Le Pradet. Many other towns have seasonal markets.

Let yourself be seduced by short circuits

The Var is proud to support its small local producers, and to showcase their products, which come directly from the Var and Provence. These producers are particularly vulnerable during the current pandemic, and highlighting their work is an ongoing objective. So you can discover the authenticity of our region.

Would you like to discover the specialities of the Var and enjoy the quality of products grown in sun-drenched regions? You can choose to support the small producers of the Var by favouring short circuits. Taste the fruity flavours of the wines of Provence, discover the olive groves that produce an oil that is renowned throughout France, or indulge in the menu of a local restaurant whose dishes are concocted using produce straight from the land of the Var. The Var is a land of variety, abundance and flavour, whose values are reflected in its produce.

You can count on local producers, so don't hesitate any longer and let yourself be tempted by the flavours of the Var!

Visit Var companies

Visits to discover the expertise of Var businesses and artisans

"Quality Tourism", a mark of trust. They are confectioners, nougat-makers, soap-makers, olive-growers, wine-growers or aquaculturists... These men and women are passionate about their trade, and to help you discover it, they are organising guided tours of their businesses and workshops. These businesses hold the Quality Tourism mark, a guarantee of the quality of their welcome and services. So don't hesitate to come and meet these men and women, who will be delighted to share their passion for their trades with you!

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