On board a 'pointu' fishing boat

Sea and freshwater fishing .

Seawater fishing is a leisure activity that is often similar to deep-sea fishing. However, you can also try traditional fishing. Freshwater fishing is less common in this region, but you can still fish in several rivers and lakes.
Pêche en mer

A multitude of ways to get into fishing! .

For sport fishing, also known as deep-sea fishing, set off into the open ocean to catch big fish, such as skipjack tuna, swordfish and more… Be sure to check beforehand, as deep-sea fishing is strictly controlled, and only certain fish can be caught in certain conditions.

On fishing tourism excursions, learn more about the work of a fisherman by climbing aboard a traditional fishing boat at dawn, where fishermen will share their passion for the sea and their work.



Activité de pêche en eau douce

Freshwater fishing .

Learn everything about freshwater fishing in the Var:

  • the well-known and secluded lakes where you can fish
  • the private lakes where you can fish
  • family-friendly fishing spots
  • not to mention, for those who prefer to catch rather than eat, the ‘no kill’ competitions, with an impressive 16 taking place across the Var.

And, of course, to organise the A to Z of your fishing trip, we have fishing shops, accommodation certified by the Fishing Federation, the fishing map and calendar.

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