Sun and sailing in the Var

Sailing and surface water sports .

The Var coastline is a top French destination for surface water sports, with perfect weather and exceptional water quality
Activité de planche à voile

Surface water sports .

This includes windsurfing, kite surfing, catamaran sailing and dinghies. 

With its high quality water and favourable weather conditions, the Var coastline is ideal for surface water sports.
On the water, the multi-coloured sails weaving in and out are a real sight to behold.

Kite surf

Windsurfing and kite surfing .

These two sports can be practised at your own pace in the Almanarre area in Hyères, Brutal Beach Bay in Six-Fours-Les-Plages or on Saint-Aygulf beach, whether alone or with a sailing school.


Windsurfing is the surface water sport ‘par excellence’, and it began in the Var! It reached its zenith in the 1990s, when droves of multi-coloured sails could be seen weaving in and out of each other. During this time, the Windsurf World Cup took place in Almanarre. For over 10 years, the best windsurfers in the world would compete here. Currently, the sport is undergoing a renaissance and the sails are starting to criss-cross over the water.


The kite surf boom

Easier to learn than windsurfing, kitesurfing has been a resounding success! You will be overwhelmed by the feeling of freedom, lightness and pure happiness!

As a sport, it is strictly regimented: take-off zones from the beaches and sailing areas are clearly identified. Kite surfing academies can help you with kite surfing on the open ocean.



Ecole de voile

Dinghies and sport catamarans .

Dinghy, optimist, 420, laser…
These yachts are smaller and do not have a sailboat cabin; they are less sought-after but are a good way to get into sailing. The best sailors start here, and there’s nothing to stop you from becoming one of the greats!

Sport catamarans
A specific mention for this double-hulled boat with no sailboat cabin – easy to learn the ropes, it is accessible for everyone. It is manageable, very fast, and normally sailed in pairs – you’re guaranteed to enjoy the waves!