Feast Day of Saint Peter in Saint-Raphaël

Traditional festivals .

There are many festivals in Provence, bringing people together around shared values, such as food, the sea, Christmas and Easter, for unforgettable moments together.
Fête de la Saint Eloi

Festivals in the Var - popular throughout the year .

Whether in honour of a patron saint or simply organised to celebrate the changing of the seasons and the harvest, whether Pagan or Christian, festivals in the Var are part of a long tradition of conviviality that is particular to the people of Provence and the Mediterranean. They are a unique manifestation of popular expression, which, through rites and customs, affirms the identity of each village. 

Shrove Tuesday and its ‘corsos fleuris’, springtime renewal, with its May trees decorated with garlands, Saint John’s Fires to celebrate the arrival of summer, Saint Peter to celebrate fishermen, Saint Eloi and his turbaned horse-and-cart, the festivals for sea urchins, chestnuts, figs, cherries and olives, the ‘Bravades’, ‘Romérages’ and the magic of Christmas in Provence…


In the Var, anything is an excuse to party throughout the year! So, come and join the parade, dance the ‘cordelles’, laugh and sing to the sound of pipes, tambourines and gun shots.