Tripettes de Barjols

January .

From traditional celebrations to international festivals, there is something going on throughout the year. In January, there is the Festival of Saint-Marcel in Barjois. January is also truffle season, and in Aups they celebrate the Day of the Black Truffle.
Tripettes de Barjols

Les Tripettes de Barjols .

One of the most unusual festivals in Provence!

Since the 17th Januay 1350, the people of Barjol have proudly celebrated the Feast Day of Saint Marcel – the patron saint of their village. This colourful festival takes place over 2 days on the weekend closest to the Feast Day, i.e. the weekend closest to the 16th January.

A costume parade with ‘bravadeurs’, pipes and tambourines marches through the town.

In the middle of the procession, a bullock covered in ribbons is led to the church by a cortege of butchers and chefs. Blessed in front of the church, it is led through the streets of the town and killed in the evening.
The following day, everyone gathers for a large mass in the Collegial church, and the bust of Saint Marcel is paraded through the streets of the villages. Next, the bullock is skewered and roasted in the middle of the general jubilation: the shots by the ‘bravadeurs’ mix with the music of the ‘tripettes’ danced by all. That evening, the beef is eaten!

In its current form, a bullock is only killed every 4 years.