Tripettes de Barjols

January .

From the traditional celebration to the international festival, the Var gives you an appointment throughout the year. In January, it's the Saint Marcel festival in Barjols. It is also the period of the truffle, with the day of the black truffle in Aups.
Tripettes de Barjols

The Tripettes of Barjols .

One of the most original festivals in Provence!

Since 17 January 1350, the Barjolais have been celebrating Saint Marcel, the patron saint of their village, with dignity. This festival takes place on the weekend closest to the saint’s day, i.e. the weekend closest to 16 January, and it gives rise to two days of colourful celebrations!

A costumed procession with bravadores, galoubets and tambourines marches through the town.

At the centre of the procession, a ribboned ox is led to the church by its procession of butchers and cooks. Blessed in front of the church, it is walked through the streets of the town and is put to death in the evening.

The next day, a great mass is held in the Collegiate Church, and the bust of Saint Marcel is carried through the streets of the village. Then the beef is put on a spit and roasted on the Cours in the middle of general jubilation: the detonations of the bravaders’ guns alternating with the tune of the tripettes danced by all. In the evening, the beef is eaten!

The festival in its current form only kills the beef every 4 years.


The Mimosa, The Sun of January !

The Mimosa, a symbol of winter

From January onwards, the Mimosa offers magnificent golden yellow flowers to the landscapes of the Var, giving them a touch of colour and vitality. Its lush bloom is one of the most eagerly awaited events of the year.

The mimosa is also known for its enchanting fragrance, which perfumes the air with its sweet, floral notes.

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The Mimosa in celebration

A symbol of the Var, the mimosa is celebrated every year along the Mimosa Route with, in particular :

  • Mimosalia in Bormes-les-Mimosas: the meeting place for plant lovers, and in particular mimosa lovers, offers every year on the last weekend of January an exhibition and sale of collection plants, rare plants and unusual varieties from all over France.
  • Guided tours of the Domaine du Rayol: “The Mimosa Odyssey”. Their Australian garden, owned by the Conservatoire du littoral in the Var, is resplendent with the many mimosas in bloom.
  • The Mimosa festival in Tanneronwith its dances, market and flower parade.

If you want to immerse yourself in the culture and nature of the Var, don’t miss the opportunity to discover the mimosa in flower on your next trip!

The black truffle festival in Aups .

The truffle, a product of the Var region

Highly appreciated for their unique flavour and intense aroma, truffles are often used in cooking to flavour sauces, pasta and brouillades. The Black Truffle of the Var is particularly renowned for its quality and is often used in the best restaurants of the region.

A whole Sunday dedicated to the “black diamond” of the Haut-Var

An annual celebration, the Black Truffle Festival takes place every year in January in Aups. It includes a series of events and activities related to the truffle, such as tastings, cooking workshops, walks… The ideal opportunity to discover the history and culture of the truffle in Provence and to taste delicious truffle-based dishes.