Beach hut - Sainte Maxime

Holidays for young and old .

Holidays with your grandchildren is a special moment that should be fun and memorable! Spend time doing activities together, plan activities just for the children...and others just for you, and create wonderful memories.
Bivouac équestre

An amazing seaside holiday with Manon and Jules! .

The years seem to pass in the blink of an eye, so our little spring getaway has become a kind of ritual for us four. These moments together are precious so the children’s grandfather and I try to come up with new activities and locations every year. The fun starts on the train, when we study the itinerary for the week… 

Port de Sainte Maxime vue du ciel

Holiday clubs - ideal for the kids .

We happily went for a ‘holiday village’, which is very safe with young children. This year, we chose ‘Les heures claires’ family holiday village in Sainte-Maxime, which was well-located and had family-friendly facilities. The children were able to stay up late with the Maxi-club, which allowed us to treat ourselves to a little romantic escape…

Aquascope à Sainte Maxime

A packed programme of activities! .

Our week included a mixture of outdoor activities and cultural visits. This year, Marc introduced the children to golf, and they took their first swing on the Blue Green golf course! A memorable trip to Aquascope was also a lot of fun – gazing at the undersea world is fascinating for all ages. We went at a relaxed pace, and chose several restaurants on the sea-front so the children could play on the beach.

Citadelle de Saint Tropez

Museums in Saint-Tropez .

With Saint-Tropez nearby, we had a greater choice of activities, and although we might be grandparents who like to spoil their grandchildren a bit, we are responsible enough not neglect the educational aspect of the holiday! The children’s curiosity going round the museums is a real highlight of our holidays together. Overall, Sainte-Maxime turned out to be the ideal holiday destination – everything is designed with families in mind, which was perfect for us, as we want to see our grandchildren grow and have peace of mind…