Brown grouper fish and diver

Underwater wonders (part 2) .

For those who like to go it alone to satisfy their diving desires and find like-minded people to share their experiences with, don't hesitate to book a diving weekend around the Giens peninsula and the Iles d'Or: you will love the undersea flora and fauna
Préparation équipement d'une plongée

Another diving weekend around the Giens peninsula .

I began the autumn with my week of diving in Bormes-les-Mimosas still firmly imprinted in my mind, along with the impression of only having scratched the surface of the endless wealth of these diving sites. So, when a couple of diving friends, who were unable to join us in September, asked if I wanted to accompany them to the Giens peninsula, obviously I jumped at the chance!

La presqu'île de Giens vue du ciel

Beautiful dives and natural accommodation .

I was thrilled to go back at the beginning of November and discover the seabeds of the Var from another base, under a different light and of course, return to explore my favourite haunts. We stayed in little cottages in the Le Clair de Lune campsite, which were coming to the end of the season, and treated us like royalty! It was perfect – a peaceful location to the south of the Giens peninsula, exactly what we wanted.

Plongée sur la Ville de Grasse

Michel C, Ville de Grasse, Grec and Donator... amazing! .

I was able to return to the wrecks of Michel C and Ville de Grasse, and discover the majestic wrecks of ‘Donator’ and ‘Grec’ off the coast of Porquerolles. I was once again seduced by the unique setting and the exuberant colours, and I will always remember the moment when I found myself face-to-face with an enormous grouper fish during my dive in Gabinière. It stared at me for a long time and seemed to want to communicate – he had a kind face!

Gorgone pourpre et spirographe

Unforgettable evenings in little restaurants .

On the final night, we dined in the Grand Baie. Whilst looking over the magnificent view over the double tombolo of the Giens peninsula, we enthusiastically recounted the highlights of our underwater weekend. I believe that these places definitely bring people together, as my friends were just as thrilled. As for me, this is not the end, I could well be coming back in the spring…