Shoal of sea bream on the Donator between Porquerolles and Port Cros

Undersea wonders (part 1) .

Diving enthusiasts, every year you have the chance to take a week for yourself to explore a new diving location. This year, why not choose the Var for amazing dives and a special shipwreck programme around the Iles d'Or and Cavalaire.
Corbs sciaena umbra

Diving around the Iles d'Or .

This year, I had my heart set on going to the Var coast and the Iles d’Or! I’d already heard about the excellent reputation of the diving sites in this area from all the tour operators of my faraway travels, and I told myself that this year, I would go to the Var. In my family, my hobby is well-known, so I am able to have little solo getaways, which give me the chance to meet with other diving enthusiasts on the edge of the open ocean…

Préparation équipement d'une plongée

Diving in September - the delight of an Indian summer .

For my first trip, I met up with friends in Bormes-les-Mimosas. It was in September, after the summer crowds had left, and they had reserved rooms in the Relais du Baou. Between us, it was excellent value for money and had a great location just a short walk from the diving centre – perfect! With a calm atmosphere and friendly evenings, it had everything to stay in shape and ensure our itinerary went to plan.

Barre du Donator

Fairylands of colour and light at the bottom of the sea .

The Iles d’Or, covered by various diving centres, has an extensive collection of outstanding shipwrecks – even though I knew about them, I couldn’t contain my surprise. Apart from the nostalgia emanating from the pieces of sheet metal and history frozen at the bottom of the sea, there is an extravaganza of all the species that have made these wrecks their home. Exploring these submerged worlds was a moving experience.

Coursives du Grec

Mythical shipwrecks and unforgettable fish .

Honestly, I didn’t expect to become so infatuated with this area. All of the coast around Lavandou and the Giens peninsula is the best! Between the sporting challenge, the charm of roaming around the forgotten hulls and gangways of mythical shipwrecks,  and the incessant fascinating display of the dentex, wolf-fish, bream and grouper fish amongst the magnificent red coral, the experience was overwhelming. I’ll be coming back soon, that’s for sure!